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Billboards, magazines and the internet has always seen male models posing in exotic locations in the best of attires. Here at SUITLTD, we cater to the everyday men who does not necessarily have the perfect jawline or body, but are perfectly normal with a receding hairline or a paunch.


We want to take these everyday men and their extraordinary fashion to the next level, by helping them and encouraging them with style advice and fashion hacks from our side. We believe your shape, size, colour or any other insecurities men have should never hinder their style and we strive to work towards the same.

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  • How To Dress For The Monsoons

    Posted on july 08 2016

    man dressing style

    Though most of us welcome the rains after the scorching heat, monsoons can be a tough time to pull off a good look, but no matter what the weather trying...

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    Everyday Fashion Guide


    Posted on April 20 2016

    Summer is fast approaching, if it hasn’t already wherever you are. Whether an official trip or an informal trot around the world. SuitLtd can help get your travel wardrobe up...

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    Everyday Fashion Guide

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