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Tuxedo Suits

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A men’s tuxedo suit  generally refers to a man’s dinner jacket or evening suit, distinguished primarily by the presence of satin on the jacket lapels. The first question that comes to mind when a tuxedo is mentioned as the dress code is how it differs from a men’s formal suit. You would think a black slim fit suit is as formal as it gets, but a tuxedo is much more formal than a suit of any kind. It is considered inappropriate to wear a tuxedo before 5 pm. A tuxedo is something that you save for an exceptional occasion, marking the event as something special. But this is not the only difference that marks a tuxedo superior to a suit. There are a lot of distinguishing factors that make tuxedos stand out in a crowd.

Men’s Tuxedo style, colour, and fashion

In terms of colour, an all-black slim fit tuxedo is the norm. If not a black slim fit tuxedo, a midnight blue is the next acceptable traditional option for a tuxedo variant. SUITLTD tuxedo suits are head to head in quality with top notch brands. The detailing of a tuxedo at SUITLTD is just as intricate and special as the occasion you are wearing it for. But the most defining feature of a tuxedo is that they are made with either a shawl or peaked lapel, the material of the lapel is either satin or a rougher weave grosgrain silk.

One should always be careful when styling a slim fit tux, never wear flashy or printed shirts with your tuxedo. A black slim fit tuxedo or  a three-piece tuxedo is always worn with a solid white button up shirt with studs. As far as accompaniments to a slim fit tux are concerned, it should be kept minimal, respecting the norm of the tux. The most you can wear is a bow tie, cummerbunds or waistcoats. The tuxedo is a clothing that usually demarcates a special occasion and respect. We at SUITLTD make each of our clothing, a tuxedo included with the same vigour and care. There are obvious exceptions to the colour code of tuxedos, with a tropical black tie or better known as a white dinner jacket. Of course the rising demand from the wedding industry has led to the invention of more wearable and unique colours to the tuxedo category. One such colour that has been recently introduced is the charcoal grey tuxedo.  A wedding or an award function is the best place to wear a tuxedo at. If you’re the groom and want to go traditional our suggestion would be an all-black slim fit tuxedo. If you want to jazz up your tuxedo look, go for a midnight blue or a charcoal grey tuxedo. We at SUITLTD take care to satisfy the needs of our customers.