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Think summer, think shorts. There’s no two ways about what is the best casual wear in the summer for men, undoubtedly it’s shorts. Traditionally, shorts were never a part of men’s wardrobe and never an acceptable outdoor attire. But shorts if not styled right can look sloppy.

For instance, boxer shorts with a T-shirt is not going to look any classier than wearing pyjamas outside. On the other hand, SUITLTD’s chino shorts are guaranteed to make you look dapper. Shorts for men go through a lot of scrutiny as a smart casual wear with many claiming that they are strictly casual. Your look depends on how you style your shorts and with what.

Here’s our suggestion on how to wear shorts for men right:

  •       Try styling SUITLTD grey chino shorts with a pastel peach colour shirt and a blue blazer to look sophisticated in shorts. This is a great option for a fun and formal summer look.
  •       Try pairing a navy blue chino shorts with a white linen shirt to cool off on a casual day out.

Just like their long counterparts, when buying chino shorts for men always make sure you get it right with the length. Shorts worn too long or too short gives you a shoddy look. So how should your shorts fit?

  •       They should end right above your knee at the longest. Ideally an inch or two before the kneecaps.
  •       Baggy shorts are no more a trend, make sure your shorts are not too wide, try to go for shorts that taper down the line of your body.

Get stunning the easy way around with our chino shorts! Don’t restrict yourselves to the blacks and blues, go out and experiment in fun colours like maroon, olive green, light blue and so on. No better way to beat the heat in style than in chino shorts.

Shorts are no more the sloppy casuals they used to be. It has become more and more acceptable for men to wear shorts for summer outdoor events and it’s no more shunned as something that boys wear. If worn right, there’s nothing that brings out comfort in style than shorts. Hop on to this hot trend with ease and class.

SUITLTD blends the ease of comfort with the class of material and stitching to provide you the best of casual wear. Get summer and monsoon friendly in the most stylish way possible with our versatile collection of colourful chino shorts.