Nehru Jacket:

Named after the popular Indian Prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru, A Nehru jacket is a hip length coat sleeveless coat with a mandarin collar. The Nehru jacket is commonly paired with an Indian sherwani in India. The apparel was created in India around the 1940s and was then referred to as ‘Bande Gale ka Coat or the closed neck coat. It has been popular in India ever since. History says, it started gaining western attention in the 1960s when stars like The Beetles started sporting them.

The Nehru jacket is back with a bang into contemporary men’s wardrobes and how.

Fusing the traditional look of the Nehru jacket with modern fabric and tailoring, the Nehru jacket has become an ethnic fashion statement in the India. These days, a Nehru jacket can be seen sported even with a dress shirt and formal pants transitioning from the waistcoat to the Indian version with the Nehru jacket.

Nehru Jacket for men at SuitLTD:

At SUITLTD we offer Nehru Jackets in a variety of colours, fabrics, styles and fit. An elegant piece that adds a royal touch to anything that you pair it with, Nehru jackets have become an ethnic wardrobe essential for men. Try pairing the black Nehru jacket with a maroon kurta and black jeans to stand out in the crowd at any ceremonial function. Throw on a breathable, summer friendly beige linen jacket on top of your faded blue T-shirt to stir up your casual look. Heading out for a causal evening with friends, or getting ready for a party? This outfit will showcase your penchant for classy, out-of-the-box fashion.

For winter and autumn opt for darker hues such as a navy blue Nehru jacket or a maroon solid slim fit Nehru jacket. For summers and springs it’s better to grey textured slim fit Nehru jacket or a light coloured Nehru jacket that will helps you beat the heat in ethnic style.

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