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Mens Chinos

Buy Men's Chinos:

Chinos have taken men’s wardrobe by storm and it’s here to stay for good reason. Men’s chinos, according to many are the niftiest of trousers. A pair of trousers that is made from chino cloth is what we refer to as men’s chinos today.

Chino cloth is a twill fabric that is made of 100% cotton, today it is also found in a cotton-synthetic blend. Whether a casual day out or an important meeting, chinos can take care of style and comfort. Chino pants are the most preferred summer wear for men who aren’t fond of shorts and want to add some colour to their wardrobe.

Try pairing your classic white formal shirt with navy chinos and a grey and white checkered tie. Give your formal wear a twist with chinos for men, make sure to try our grey chinos and black chinos to add the summer twist to your formal wear wardrobe.

As for casual wear, you can pair slim fit chinos with anything you please. We have figured out the perfect blend of colourfully classy chinos to make you look your best.

Casual wear chino suggestions:

  • Team a beige chino with a grey T-shirt and black leather jacket to look suave for a party.
  • Liven up your daily dose of fresh air with our olive green chinos and white linen shirt.

Chinos for men:

In summer or the monsoons when the usual formal trousers get hot and stuffy, chinos are a breath of fresh air. Chinos are your best option whether formal or casual in the summer and monsoon months in order to prevent the hemline of your trousers getting muddy or from sweating profusely. Less dressy than formal trousers and dressier than casual jeans.

Our biggest tip when it comes to chinos are the colours. How much is too much when it comes to chinos? Just like shirts, the colour of trousers plays an important role in pulling off a look. Always choose colours that suit your skin tone. Start experimenting with the basics like navy chinos, khaki chinos, black chinos and grey chinos. Then start on to olive greens and lighter shades of blue to add a spunk of fun colours to your wardrobe.

Another thing to look out for is the length. Chinos should never be long; hem or cuffed chinos are the best ways to wear chinos, at the same time make sure it’s never too short so it remains classy. When thinking of something casual classy, think chinos for men.