The Art of Acing Everyday Fashion

Posted on September 20 2016

Though it may not make many of your checklists for things to do in the morning, your appearance and attire is one of the first things that people notice about you. As men, we don’t want to waste too much time fretting over what we have to wear, so we have decided to take matters into our own hands and help you succeed at fashion not for a day but every day.

A few basics you can remember with regard to your preference and body can go a long way in helping you style yourself with ease on a daily basis. Knowing that your fit is beyond your size, as we explained in our last blog is just one of the first steps.

So here are our basics to acing fashion like a boss:

Perfect your personal style

Mens Fashion Blog Acing Men's fashion

The first step is fairly simple. Dress according to the activities in your life and the image you want to project. Although following trends can be fun, if it does not agree with you and your lifestyle you will invariably feel uncomfortable in them. Decide on the image that you want people to associate with you- Decent, dependable, fun? None of this needs to be sloppy. Occasion specific dressing is a key element in dressing well. So compartmentalize your wardrobe according to occasions. Try- Men's Formals, Men's Casual Trousers, Men's Ceremonial dresses, Active wear and home wear for starters. Try and bring out your personality through clothes, instead of blindly following trends.

Know your patterns and prints:  

Mens Everyday Fashion - Shirts' print and pattern

Give unusual prints and patterns a try to see whether it suits your style. Checks, corduroy and stripes have all made a huge come back this year. Shirts with prints varying from flowers to polka dots are being adopted by men all around. There are many patterns that are in trend to try out, but the art is in knowing how to mix them. 

Here are some basic rules of pattern and prints for your body type:

  • The rhombus- Go for bold prints like florals, polka dots. Checked formal trousers, pinstripes etc.
  • The inverted triangle- Go for horizontal stripes on top and lightly printed/patterned trousers
  • The rectangle- Flannel shirts, Aztec printed shirts, neutral coloured chinos, flat coloured men's suits without patterns
  • The pear- Vertical striped or pinstriped suits, basic colour T-shirts
  • The oval- Vertical striped shirts, Detailed prints like polka dots, scarcely floral shirts, plain well-fitted trousers.
  • Hottest trends of 2016- Lines (pinstripes, horizontal, grids), floral, abstract

Know what colours suit you

Dress for your skin tone

The colour wheel is a tricky business to master, but once mastered, you’ve won half the battle of making it into fashion look books. Choosing a colour that compliments your skin tone is an important step in upping your fashion game.

  • Fair/pale skin tone- Stick to dark colours like charcoal grey, bottle green, blue, burgundy, brown
  • Wheatish/Olive skin tone- Most colours. The brighter or the darker the better.
  • Dark/Dusky skin tone- Bold and bright colours like cobalt blue and jade green.

Know your wardrobe essentials:

Everyone has something called essentials or must haves without which their wardrobe is never complete. These are some pieces that will form the foundation of your everyday wardrobe and will hence built in there on. Here are a few timeless pieces you should stock your wardrobe with:

Mens fashion blog

  • Grey suit
  • Navy blazer
  • Chinos
  • Slim fit trousers
  • Leather jacket
  • Best dressy and casual belts
  • Oxford shoes
  • White sneakers
  • Dress shirts

Learn to layer your clothes

Mens Everyday fashion - layering your cloth

Layering has caused quite a ripple in the fashion industry from lay men to celebrity taking it up with ease and why not? It is a practical and stylish way to switch up your looks with ease. But while layering, there are certain rules to follow to make a difference:

  • Each visible layer should be something that you can wear alone and the outer garment hem of should be longer the inner one.
  • You can make use one or two bright colours but make sure just one or two are bright colours and there are some similarities between the colours.
  • When it comes to layering patterns scale from strong to light or vice versa. For example, if your jacket is heavily patterned, opt for more restrained sweater inside and a plain shirt.

Essential layering pieces:

  • Inner layer/Shirt layer- This can be a flannel shirt, dress shirt, polo shirt and T-shirt
  • Middle layer/jacket layer- This can be a blazer, sports jacket, sweater or a waistcoat
  • Outer layer/Coat layer- Weather resistant coats, belts and scarves.
The above are just basic steps to enable you to start your way into building your everyday style into something people will admire. For more style advice keep coming back to SUITLTD
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