How to Dress for Your Body Type

Posted on August 29 2016

Looking your best every day is a pain in itself, but having to do that and maintain an impeccable fashion sense might sound crazy, but it is in fact doable and with ease. Everyone wants to look sharp, but many don’t know how.

Dressing well is indeed an art, but you needn’t worry about it when you can do it effortlessly just by following some basic thumb rules to upgrade your wardrobe and define your everyday style. A person’s attire is strongly related to their body type and rightly so. If you crack how to channel your fashion to your body type, you’ve won half the battle.

The most crucial step in doing so is identifying your body shape. Find out your body type below and try out our fashion advice:

Know your body shape

The first and most important step to perfecting your style, is to know your body shape and own it. While trying to attain the perfect body is always on the chart, knowing to dress to your current body is an art altogether. Different body shapes demand different styles. After you take the first step in figuring out what shape you are, here’s our advice for you.

The inverted triangle

Mens clothing for the inverted triangle shape body

Have shoulders that are broader and chest bulkier with a tapered down waist? Well, you might be the envy of many, so try and use your shape to your advantage by opting for slim fit trousers or joggers to go with a knitwear sweater with sneakers. This is not only in line with the sports-wear inspired trend but also helps in accentuating your slim frame. If you’re looking at stripes, make sure to go for horizontal stripes.

The rectangle

Mens dressing for rectangle body type

If you have shoulders that are roughly the same size as your waist and hips, try single breasted jackets/blazers and suits for men that have a tapering fit towards the waist, so as to give an illusion of a shapely frame. Layering is another great way to add more to your shoulder area, try adding a scarf to a simple blazer and jeans combination. Only wear slim fit jackets, but do experiment with prints and colours that pop which will help you avoid the gangly look.

The Pear

Mens dressing for pear shape body

If you are a person who is wider around the gut and relatively narrow above, the same goes with taking the focus off your waist, this can be done again with the help of single breasted jackets, waistcoats with wider shoulders. Make sure to opt for structured and straight shoulders for jackets and suits. Crew neck T-shirts and sweaters are a great way to broaden your upper torso.

The Oval

Mens dressing for oval torso

An oval torso is nothing to be worried about if you follow some basic advice, while adding structure to the shoulders, you should focus more on the right length of the sleeves and trouser, make sure to get it the right length and nothing longer. Fitted, lightly tapered styles like our chinos for men will be great to finish off a great look. Go for vertical stripes if you want to try them out.

Fit is everything when it comes to dressing to your body shape. The difference between amazing and okay lies in the details of fit for different types of body shapes. Dress your best with SUITLTD.

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    Very well written.

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