How To Dress For The Monsoons

Posted on July 08 2016

Though most of us welcome the rains after the scorching heat, monsoons can be a tough time to pull off a good look, but no matter what the weather trying to look your best is always in the books. Here are a few tips from us to glam up during the monsoons:


Monsoon fashion colours

Whether you like it or not, monsoons can get gloomy. Our suggestion is to colour up rainy days with some bright hues. Get some maroons, bright blues and greens for this monsoon season and team it with a faded shirt or T-shirt to balance it out.

Try maroon chino shorts with a grey T-shirt for a casual day out in the rain. Or try olive green chinos with a blue T-shirt and a polyester black jacket. Though colours like grey and white are acceptable, they are not advised, so as they tend to get easily dirty and can also get transparent if you get drenched.


Monsoon Friendly fabric

Wearing fabrics according to the season is crucial to your comfort. What are the fabrics that entail monsoon friendliness? Opt for cotton, nylon or polyester as they are more breathable and dry faster than any other fabric in the wet season.

Some other lighter fabrics are supposed to be stayed away from like linen and knit as they tend to shrink when in contact with water. Team our navy chino trousers with a light-weight denim shirt to look smart even during a gloomy day. Chinos are twill fabrics that are made of 100% cotton, hence making it ideal for your rainy days.


Monsoon wear styling

Styling your garments right is crucial even on a rainy day. It’s best not to wear full-length trousers in the rainy season to avoid muddy slush on the roads. Go for our chino shorts that are not only the perfect length but also comes in great colours. 

Try out our green twill chino shorts with a white shirt and grey cotton blazer to create a suave look for a rainy day. If you are not a fan of shorts, try wearing chinos as they are cuffed at the end and won’t get dirtied at the hems easily. Try out black chinos with a black and white checked shirt for a slightly formal look.

The do’s and don'ts of monsoon style

Monsoon style wear

• Always carry an umbrella or a raincoat, there’s no fun getting drenched in the rain when you’re heading out somewhere.
• Contrary to popular belief, flip flops aren’t too great for the rains, go for rubber sandals that have a strap at the back or crocs.
• Denims are the worst when it comes to the monsoon, try and avoid denims as it takes ages for them to dry out completely.
• Try out whacky jackets that are of the right fabric to keep you warm from the winds and yet ventilated enough from the humidity.

Don’t take the weather as the reason to bring you down, glam up your appearance and lift your spirits with the new casual wear collection from SUITLTD.

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