Posted on January 18 2017

We live in an era where almost everything gets sold online. And if you are someone who has been too skeptical in buying suits online, fret not, there are countless opportunities to boost your wardrobe on web. As it's said "Clothes Maketh the Man", investing in good quality fitted suits demands attention to details and ill-fit suits are a complete no-no in fashion. In this article we will guide you through some major points to keep in mind while buying suits online that can save you from owning a clumsily tailored suit. 

1. Know Your Measurements: 

It's very crucial to know your measurements before you begin your quest for a perfect suit. If you are looking for an affordable suit online, it is advisable to consult a tailor first and get the exact measures of your shoulders, chest, sleeve length, waist & trouser length. You can also measure yourself at home with a tape or a better option would be to visit any local suit store and try their suits to understand your measurements.  Our handy SuitLtd Size Guide should help with sizing conversions. 



2. Which Fit to try?

Fit of a suit depends on the type of body you have. Get to know if you are a slim fit or regular fit kind of a guy. A proper fit suit accentuates certain aspects of your body. If you have a slender physique, then opt for a slim fit or skinny fit suit that gives you a modern look. If you are not the fittest person, then a regular fit suit can avoid you from unwanted tightness. And if you have no idea what to choose from, go for a regular fit and get it professionally altered by a tailor to fit your body to a T. 

Black_SlimFit_Suit               DarkBlue_RegularFit_Suit

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3. Select appropriate Color, Pattern & Fabric:

Be assured of the kind of occasion you will be wearing the suit for. Solid color suits like black and navy suits are the safest options if you are buying for multi-purpose use. (like meetings, interviews, formal events). You can definitely experiment a little with lighter color suits like grey and beige, if you feel that would suit your personality. For more grand occasion velvet's can fetch in a lot of grandeur to your outfit. Checks and striped suits throw in vintage feels, but need to be examined clearly to see if it fits the purpose of purchase. Fabrics like linen and cottons are ideal, if you are wondering what's the better one. Be sure to be extra cautious to zoom into the details of the suit and read through the description to know what you are planning to buy. Always take a second opinion from the website stylist for better clarity. 

Beige_Suit              Stripe_Suit

Shop Beige Linen Suit: Shop HERE                         Shop Dark Grey Stripe Suit - Shop HERE


4. Read through Reviews and Return Policies:

Each brand follows its own sizing techniques and hence it's always better to go through the reviews thoroughly. Even customer reviews and feedback's reveal the brand's trustworthiness and quality. Give a special eye on the return policies on any website and be aware of terms and conditions. Even after being cent percent sure of all the above factors, there might be some contingencies, where you do not agree on the color showcased on website or issues on size or pattern. Some retailers allow you to return within 30 days, as long as it is not damaged, while other's might be less flexible. Also make sure to confirm on your refund terms & conditions. 

On that note, we say with apt information and knowledge you can shop affordable suits online on best deals and at the comfort of your homes hassle free. 

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