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Posted on December 28 2015

Smooth, suave, sophisticated, a suit makes a man whatever he wants to be. Tackle this versatile piece of dressing with ease thanks to these killer advices from SuitLtd. Read on to find out 3 ways to ensure your suit look is on fleek:

The fit

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Shoulders hanging down, sleeves too short, trousers too baggy; trust us when we say there’s nothing worse than an ill-fitted suit. The first step to looking your best in a suit is getting it perfectly fit and here’s what you should be stubborn about:

  • The sleeves of your ideal suit should exactly come up to your wrist joint leaving enough space for your shirt to peak through.
  • On an average man, the length of the jacket is where the coat lines up with the spot where your fingers fold at your palms.
  • Whereas the trousers should fall atop your shoes making sure to cover your socks.
  • Unless you want to be mistaken for a runaway school boy, never wear your trousers below your waistline or without a belt.

A meticulously fitted suit speaks volumes of your style. Let us help you there with our wide variety of perfectly fit suits at SuitLtd.

Suit yourself

Make sure to pick the right suit for yourself in accordance to the occasion. Every event demands a different demeanour and hence a different look. A black suit can look the most sophisticated of the lot but yet be boring. A party calls for style over substance, look out for lustrous fabric or interesting patters to add a spark to your suit wardrobe and make a statement. Don’t overkill with flashy colours if you are an amateur, less is always more with suits when beginning your stride. Make sure to look out for colours that suit you, try blue or grey instead of the typical black if it’s your first time. Ensure that you have at least one combination so you can play with different styles to suit your needs.

Wear it right

A suit can make you look like you went from rags to riches in a heartbeat. But, if not worn right a suit too can look way too awry. It’s best to always pair your suit with a clean crisp dress shirt that compliments the colour of your suit. For instance: White shirt with a navy blue suit, or a light pink shirt with the same if you’re feeling vibrant. Never use your suit to conceal a wrinkled shirt, a suit only makes you look sophisticated as long as you wear it well. For a coordinated and professional look, make sure to match your belt and shoes. When wearing your jacket, fasten only the middle button. Fastening all the buttons not only restricts movement but also causes your jacket to ride up when you sit down.  With decking up coming back into trend, make sure to spruce up your suit with a dress watch and a pocket square to sign a contract at that important meeting.

With a tailored fit suit worn right for that particular occasion, your kick start to creating the perfect first impression is well on its way.

When it comes to finding the right suit, knowing what to look for can make all the difference. Learn about the quality details and hidden features we put into making our suits one-of-a-kind

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