Posted on December 11 2015

The waistcoat returns in style this season for men and it is arguably one of the most eye catching looks of the year. The secret, however, lies in knowing how to wear it well. An important element to keep in mind is choosing the right colour of a waistcoat and choosing the fabric of the waistcoat wisely. Anything that is too heavy or bulky can add girth to your body and make you hot and bothered too. Keep it simple by matching textures and using the same fabrics as the rest of your attire.

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The retro image of the waistcoat is on the wane today as more as more young people are embracing this trend once more. Some of the ground rules of wearing a vest as expounded by style experts include noting the length of the waistcoat, making sure the fit around the shoulders is perfect and keeping the colours as monochromatic as you can. 

Brown Waistcoat

Always make sure your waistcoat lies flat against your body and also keep the top and the last buttons undone. As for the length, it should be long enough to cover your waist.

Another way to wear the waistcoat is to work with the textures of the fabric, which is a rather new trend, as earlier it was imperative to match your waistcoat to your suit by using the same cloth.

Today, it is perfectly acceptable for instance, say style gurus, to wear tweed or corduroy with denim or other wools. Youngsters, in fact try to go a step further and make the look more casual by wearing a denim jacket over the waistcoat or wearing a shirt with the sleeves rolled up with a waistcoat. The idea is take the waistcoat out of its frumpy image and give it a youthful flair which is very necessary when it comes looking chic and stylish at the workplace or at a party.

Looking good for men is no longer about finding a pair of trousers and a shirt to match. Today, you need to give your clothes a great deal of thought and despite the fact that creativity in dressing is appreciated, you need to follow certain style rules.

 The waistcoat is a good place to start off a sartorial adventure, but make sure you know how to make it dazzle and how to wear it right.

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