5 ways to look your best in college

Posted on June 29 2016

College life is one of the most important periods in your life and you would want to look your best during these years. With a lot of institutions introducing dress codes into their systems, the struggle is real for men in terms of remaining on top of their style game. For those lucky ones, who aren’t restricted by dress codes and for those who are, we have five simple suggestions to style yourself for college.  

The simple trouser and shirt combination

As clichéd and old fashioned as this might sound, there’s nothing like a well-fitted pair of trousers and a smart formal shirt to look dashing. This also works well because this is as simple as it gets when it comes to a dress code of formal wear in college. Always remember to keep your basic pair of trousers like blues, blacks, khakis, and beiges on the ready. Mix and match these basics with your shirts of light hues (Note: Ideally, formal wear shirts should not be flashy) This combination is sure to help you get through your formal days in a breeze.

Our suggestion:

Match our blue formal trouser with a light lilac/lavender colour formal shirt. Add a blue, white and grey checked tie to make it pop.

The shirt and trouser combination_SUITLTD          Slim fit trouser men

The Style                                              Our Product

The blazer addition

A blazer cannot be worn alone. But when it is worn, it brings on a definite air of elegance no matter what you team it with. Imagine wearing T-shirt and jeans, simple and casual, right? Now add a blazer to this combination, simple to suave in an instant! Blazers are a boon for those who love to get ready in minutes. Keep aside a black or blue formal blazer for all your formal needs. Tweed jackets are an easy way out to look from boy to man at ease in winters, so ditch your hoodies and sweatshirts, go a little classy with tweed jackets.

Let’s not forget all the fun colours and designs you could add to your wardrobe with blazers. If you’ve completely turned over to the blazer side, try linen blazers that are breathable and perfect for the summer, not to add the lighter hues like beige and blue that can revamp your wardrobe like nothing else. Work this with formal pants and a shirt for those who are restricted by formal dress codes.

Our Suggestion:

The must-haves- Our navy blue blazer, grey tweed jacket, beige or light blue linen jacket. Go around experimenting with these and fly high on fashion.

The Blazer addition (1)     The blazer addition (2)                 

                                   The blazer addition


The chinos and everything combination

Chinos have been dominating the men’s fashion industry for quite some time now and there is a good reason behind it as well. What’s not to like about these colourful and comfortable trousers? Not to mention they go with almost anything you want to pair it with. Try it your maroon chinos with a white shirt or a T-shirt. If that’s too casual pair it with a black blazer and you’re good to go! These no-stress trousers are a great alternative to your worn out jeans. Here’s to another all-rounder to your wardrobe!

Our suggestion:

Try our Olive green chinos with a white linen shirt or a grey T-shirt. A great way to ace your everyday casuals!

Mens chino combinations        mens olive chinos_SUITLTD

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The must-have shorts

As a college student in India or anywhere else for that matter, you would have to go on at least one fun summer trip with your buddies. What better to say summer other than shorts? But there is always a thin line between crass and class when it comes to shorts. If you are the kind looking for some fun and classy shorts, then opt for chino shorts that are vibrant and not at all sloppy as compared to your boxer shorts kind. Get rid of your too baggy or too tight shorts now and replace them with chino shorts.

Our suggestion:

Team our blue chino shorts with a white T-shirt or a grey linen shirt to complete your holiday look.

Shorts combination      mens chino shorts_SUITLTD

The Style                                                   Our Product

The Joggers

For those who love the comfort of their sweatpants but can’t always wear it to college, SUITLTD’s jogger are the answer to your prayers. With the class of chinos and comfort of sweatpants, joggers can be teamed with your casual T-shirts, hoodies, sweaters and even your summer shirts. Versatile and easy! This nifty garment has started to take the men’s fashion industry by storm and no one is complaining.

Our Suggestion: Try our beige joggers with a midnight blue sweater or a black T-shirt. We’re sure you’ll come back for more!

Joggers style_SUITLTD         mens joggers_SUITLTD

The Style                                       Our product

No matter what your dress code, it is important to maintain an overall kempt appearance when in college. Keep it easy and elegant with a little help from SUITLTD.

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