Posted on May 31 2016

A well-dressed man is the one who takes into consideration his overall appearance, all-inclusive of grooming and accessories apart from his clothes. It’s not always about what is in trend, but more about how you style what you have.

You could dress in the best of clothes and still look untidy. Looking good is not always about the clothes you wear, it’s how you maintain yourself and your garments.

But, a lot of men are apprehensive about wearing accessories and some find the task of accessioning daunting in itself.

With that being said, accessioning is just as important for men as it is to woman and the right kind of accessories can take you from simple to smart in an instant. Here’s your cheat sheet to accessories for men:

Shoes and socks

As much as you think your shoes and socks are the last thing a person would notice, you are wrong. An outfit or look is complete only with the right kind of shoes and socks.

socks wearing tips for men's formal wears

Our suggestion for a formal setting:

If business meetings or other formal occasions were to be considered, it’s more likely that you would choose dark colours for your suits like black, blue or grey. Keep a pair of three well-polished black, brown and tan formal shoes to mix it up with your suits and blazers.

Most men in India prefer cotton socks that are breathable and well-suited for the heat.

Socks Rules:

  • If you’re an amateur to formal wear styling, the most basic sock rule to follow is to match the colour of your socks to your trousers. (Stick to this for a formal setting)
  • If you want to try something slightly more adventurous, try to match your socks to your shoes and neck wear.

Pair your chocolate brown shoes with our Grey Check Slim Fit Men's Suit to look suave at any event.

Men's formal wear



A belt is an accessory and should never be a necessity in the fitting of your trousers. So, when it comes to a belt, it us up to an individual. If you are a belt wearer, the rule of thumb to follow is to match the colour and feel of your shoes to your belt.

  • A black or brown belt are your wardrobe essentials. These colours are fantastic because they can easily match all your suits and formal trousers.
  • Leather belts with the simple buckles are a great choice for your suits.

Match your brown belt with our Brown Stripe Slim Fit Men's Trouser and step up the corporate fashion ladder.

belt tips: formal wears for men


Tie and Tie-bars

Ties have become an essential part in completing the modern day suit look. A well-tied neck-tie gives you an effortlessly put together classy look.

Make sure your tie is simple and complements your suit. A maroon tie looks extremely classy when paired with a Black Suit.

Tie-bar is not a necessity to complete any formal look, but a piece to keep your tie fixed and in a perfect position. To be on the safer side pick a simple silver or a golden tie-bar that matches with almost every suit and tie.

tips for wearing tie in formal wears for men

Cuff Links

Cuff links add to your professional look. Cuff links have got a wide variety in its colour as well as the material, opt for the simple coloured cuff links to go with your everyday suit and formals.

  • Your shirt colour and your cuff links must never be contradictory.
  • Your safest bet are silver, white, black and blue and the most classic designs are pure silver or black and silver with crystals.

A simple silver or crystal studded silver cuffs will be the apt choice to our  Navy Blue Suits.

cuff links, men's formal wears tips


Wrist Watch

For a formal look, a good watch is the only hand accessory that a man can invest in.

  • Never wear a sports watch with your formals.
  • Go for a simple and classic Rolex type with leather straps of black or dark brown to go with your formal suit.

wearing wrist watch with men's formal suits


Apart from its most obvious use, sunglasses add to your style statement and has become a fashion necessity for many.

  • Pair your favourite suit with a aviators. Suits look at their classy best when paired with aviators.
  • Don’t go for flashy wayfarers when wearing suits. This is slightly more acceptable if you’re wearing it with your shirt and formal trousers look.

sunglasses on men's formal wears

A well fitted suit is the foundation of a man's formal wear wardrobe but the supporting accessories should never be overlooked. Finding a precise and perfect fit suit has never been so easy.

SUITLTD offers you a wide variety of precise suits at a reasonable price.

At SUITLTD we assure you top notch quality along with a painless shopping experience. With a wide array of formal wear to choose from, SUITLTD comes with a promise of the best.

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