Posted on May 25 2016

Why should girls have all the fun at weddings?

Wedding planning or attending can be a tough time. Whether last minute or long planned, everyone wants to look impeccable and glamourous. Gentlemen, it’s your turn to sit back and relax and let us give you some tips and tricks to the perfect outfit for a ceremony/wedding.

Let’s kick off with the most important person of all at the wedding; The Groom

Groom :

Everyone has a different picture of their attire for their special day. But let’s start off with the tux and suit lovers.

At most church held weddings, if not all, grooms prefer tuxes over anything else. Though black is the standard. 2016 fashion trends have pushed forward the idea of colours into the customary tux for weddings. Blue is the new black in the tuxedo section. Increasing number of men have been going blue for their wedding. If not blue, there’s always the charcoal grey that spells out formal and special. If not the traditional tux, a three-piece suit is as suave as it gets. Try the navy blue with a grey/white waistcoat, white shirt and maroon tie to make the all too popular blue suit pop.

The tux variant:


The suit variant:

The Look

Our products that can make the look


If not church-held an Indian wedding groom, would certainly turn heads with a perfect fit black Bandhgala suit that’ll make you look instantly elegant.  

The Bandhgala Suit:


The groomsmen naturally have more of a variety to choose from. Suits, waistcoats, even Nehru jackets are a total yes for the groomsmen who want to stand out at the wedding. If you are planning a running theme for you and your groomsmen, try going desi! If the groom is in a light gold embroidered sherwani with a maroon pajama, try complementing it with an off white kurta and pajama with a maroon Nehru jacket.

The Desi Groomsman look:


If you are going for a more western look for the special day, Try the slim fit trousers and suspenders look for that rustic yet classy feel. If trousers and suspenders sound way too informal, go for the waistcoats with formal trousers. Ideally, both looks should complement the grooms attire. 

Our Suggestion: If the groom goes for a light grey look with his suit, opt for grey slim fit trousers that are at least two shades darker than the groom’s. Pair them with black suspenders and a black tie to jazz it up.

Our Suggestion: In a more formal scenario, if the groom is wearing a charcoal grey suit with a white waistcoat and light green linen tie, go for waistcoats and formal trousers in the same colour with a linen yellow tie.

Wedding Guest

No matter what role you play at a wedding, whether western or desi you want to stand out in a crowd. Even more so, when you are not the groom or the family. So why not go all out and experiment your style? Your options are endless. A black twill bandhgala suit to look refined and put together, a brown Nehru jacket to add on to your formal shirt or kurta or a navy blue blazer.

No matter what you wear, make sure to wear it with confidence so as to exude effortless comfort in your stride. At SuitLtd we aim to make quality men's fashion a norm at an affordable price. 


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