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Job interviews can be stressful. Period. Why waste time stressing about your attire when you can work towards bettering your interview. Job interviews are when you want to be taken seriously, appear bold and confident. A well-dressed person not only makes a good first impression but surely gives a lasting impression. When it comes to guys there's just one perfect garment that gives a confident and powerful look, A Suit.

Basic colours and patterns are always the safest option

When choosing a colour, try going with rich colours like navy blue or deep grey which comes under formal. In case you have multiple round of interviews, for the first round, go with the navy suit keeping it formal but not as cliché as black. If there is a second more important round with the CEO for instance, go all out in formal fashion- the timeless deep grey never fails to make an impression.

When it comes to colour of the shirt, go with a plain white or the light blue collared shirt. Recent surveys suggest that, employers mostly prefer a person in a simple collared white shirt under a suit or otherwise.

Tips for basic colours and patterns on suits on suitltd blog      Suits basic colours on suitltd blog



Things to Avoid

Avoid the double-breasted suit if you’re an amateur at suits. If in doubt, stay single breasted and in trend. Two button suits with no pinstripes are the professional standards. Venture into three buttons and single button suits when the closet requires variety.

The material and the fit:

The material of the suit must be chosen according to season. Summers show a definite green light for linen and cotton blend suits despite their tendency to crease easy. For more on the how’s and what’s of the summer suit trend have a look at Stylish Man's Guide To Summer Suits.  The woollen and tweed suits work well to keep you warm and stylish during winters.

Tips on material and fit on suitltd blog

Take Note!

Your trouser, shirt or blazer must not be too short or too long. The perfect path to a perfect suit? Opt for Slim fit.

Cost Effective:

While shopping for suits stay mid-range; not too expensive or too cheap. Inexpensive suits generally come with the scare of low quality material or ill-fitted tailoring.

The interview selection process could be time consuming, no matter what the outcome you have to remain presentable till the very end. Look for quality fabric that doesn’t crease easily and is easy to move around in when choosing one for interviews.

Complement your suit:

To complete a professional image, a black well-polished formal shoes are always a good investment. Though bright coloured socks are all the rage now, try to keep it dark and matching to your suit when you step in for an interview, most often than not it shows you care for the details.

Tips on how to complement your suit on suitltd blog



A tie is the first thing someone notices in a suit outfit. Try a one with silk finish that shows class and sophistication.

Wear a watch, but not a sporty running watch or a Rolex.


Yes, the beard and the man bun are the in thing now, but when it comes to interviews, most employers still prefer short hair. Clean shaven look is mostly preferred but even the well-trimmed beard can do. In most formal professional settings, men are strictly expected to leave all his other accessories back at home, no ear/tongue piercing.

Tips for grooming on suitltd blog

What every man needs is to be the perfect blend of knowledge and an impeccable way of presentation, which is where dressing comes into play. Interview season is surely a time to update your wardrobe with suits, blazers and formal wear which you will soon require to flaunt at office meetings and functions.

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