Posted on April 20 2016

Summer is fast approaching, if it hasn’t already wherever you are. Whether an official trip or an informal trot around the world. SuitLtd can help get your travel wardrobe up and ready:

Here are three looks we think are absolutely necessary to keep your cool under the summer heat:

The new blazer and shorts trend

Let’s just say summer is a great time to experiment with your clothes, even more so when you’re travelling. For those gentlemen who prefer the sleek look over the Hawaiian shirt and shorts, this is a dapper and fitting alternative. A blue blazer and a denim shirt paired with a white semi-formal shorts are sure to make heads turn whether it is a new city you’re exploring or an informal meeting you’re attending. It might be a leap of faith to you, but what better way to look dashing while staying airy in the summer?

    Blue blazer and shorts - Suitlimited blog      Blue blazer - Suitlimited blog 

                      The Look                                                       Our pick for the look

The white shirt and light trouser combo

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of the summer heat is a white cotton or linen shirt. When a contrast coloured shorts would be the ideal option, by situation or preference you might want to switch that to trousers for a more put together and formal look. There’s nothing better than the breezy feel of the white shirt along with the a well-tailored trouser to go. Pair your white cotton or linen shirt with grey trousers and loafers or sandals as you like it. Cooling off the summer heat in a new city with a new look. That’s a good way to roll.

white shirts for summer - Suitlimited blog  grey pants - Suitlimited blog

                     The Look                                                   Our pick for the look

The waistcoat addition

You could do a simple shirt and trousers look, or you could do something more. If you are the person that believes in more, a waistcoat is the right kind you are looking for in the summer. Without the overly formal look of the suit a waistcoat manages to make any look stunning. Picture this, white shirt, beige trousers, a dark blue waistcoat and a light coloured with a fedora hat and you’ve aced your summer travel wardrobe.

waistcoat summer looks - suitlimited blog       waistcoat summer looks - suitlimited blog

                  The Look                                                    Our pick for the look

With 3 top looks for your summer travel under your sleeves, now travelling and looking your best shouldn’t be a concern. So travel well and look your best effortlessly with SUITLTD.

Make sure to keep your eyes open for our summer collection soon to come!

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