Posted on April 15 2016

The summer season is here and with that comes an undoubted vibe of ease and relaxation. Formal wear in the summer is a tricky topic for most men, particularly if you have the prospect of long meetings in unconditioned offices to battle with. So, how does the modern day gentleman dress sharply for the office, a meeting, or an event during the hot summer season? No matter the weather, it is always important to look professional, appropriate and, of course stylish. Instead of viewing the more casual nature of summer dress as an excuse to slack off, we see it as a great opportunity to branch out into different colours and fabrications.

Summer Suit Fabrics:

During the colder months, tweed, wool, and cashmere suits are appropriate, as the material not only looks structured and professional, but also keeps you warm. During the summer, however, swap these suits out for breathable, lightweight fabrics that will keep you cool without compromising on appearance.

Linen men's Suits at suit limited 

The Linen Suit

Linen is a classic material for summer and it is one of the most popular fabrics for summer suits due to its light weight. Made from the fibers of the flax plant, linen has a visible weave and great natural texture. It also wrinkles very easily, which is part of its easy charm. However, if you’ll be wearing this suit to work, you may want to try a linen blend that also contains cotton or wool. This way you can keep look of linen without the copious wrinkling.

Linen suits for men at suitlimited

The Cotton Suit

The cotton suit is one of the most versatile choices, as it allows you to have a refined yet casual look that is extremely summer-friendly. Cotton is stiffer than your wool suiting but it is also cooler.

Cotton men's suits at SuitLimited

Summer Suit Colours:

Lighter colours like Beige and light greys will help reflect heat instead of absorbing it. Summer is also the perfect time to start introducing colour, vibrancy, and boldness into your wardrobe.

Summer men's Suits at Suitlimited

Light Grey

A sister shade to the tried and true charcoal grey, this colour will work well with almost any fabric for summer. Try a light grey fresco suit with a bold tie and pocket square for a dapper look that is perfect for the office.

Grey mens suit at suitlimited


A go-to colour for summer and spring, the Beige suit is perfect for any daytime event. Though you should avoid wearing this colour in the evening, the beige suit looks extremely pulled together with the proper accessories.

Beige Men's Suit at SuitLimited


Choose one of our beautifully made Ready-To-Wear suits or jackets, we at SUITLTD will ensure you are suitably stylish this Summer. Stay tuned to SuitLimited for the exciting summer collection.

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